NOAA Assets

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Teaching Great Lakes Science:


This website features a suite of lessons, activities and data sets all focused on Great Lakes science, technology, engineering and math. Topics include fish, food webs, Great Lakes and you, habitat, invasive species, water properties, water quality and quantity, and weather and climate.


Marine Debris:

This weScreen-shot-2014-01-27-at-12.28.35-PM-233x300bsite contains free, downloadable education and outreach materials for people of all ages to learn about marine debris. Everyone has a role to play in raising awareness about the problem.

Greatest of the Great Lakes – A Medley of Model Lessons:

The Grcosee_gl_logoeatest of the Great Lakes includes 41 multidisciplinary activities for grades 4-10 that bridge science with math, geography, environmental studies and language arts. This collection offers insight into current Great Lakes concerns, as well as potential solutions.

NOAA Education Resources:

This wnoaaeducebsite includes a variety of lessons and activities in the following topics:  Ocean and Coasts, Climate, Weather and Atmosphere, Marine Life, Fresh Water and Special topics.

NOAA Climate Portal:

This site inclulogodes information and resources on teaching climate science, maps and data, news and features, and supporting decisions.

Fresh and Salt:

This websitlogo_freshandsalte is a collection of 14 activities connecting Great Lakes and ocean science topics to enhance teacher capabilities for accessing science information in Great Lakes and ocean sciences. A varied range of instructional modes is offered, including data interpretation; experimentation; simulation; interactive mapping; and investigation.